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NOTE: Unfortunately, after 25 years of providing artists with physical CD distribution, CD Baby discontinued their service and shut down their warehouse on 06/22/2023.

At this time, BandCamp is the only physical CD distribution link. They accept payment via credit card and PayPal.

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Joel Wiseheart

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Musicians get paid next to nothing for streams (0.3¢ per stream on Spotify as of 5/20/2023). Depending on what is charged, it can take about 2,000 streams to equal one physical CD or digital download sale. So, if you really like what you hear, please consider supporting the artists you truly love with a physical CD or digital download purchase, so that they can continue to bring you more music to truly love!

And besides, I can't autograph a digital download or stream! The BandCamp 'Buy Compact Disc' page includes an option to choose if you would like me to personally autograph your copy!