Annimax is the new solo heavy metal project from former Nightshade (ex-Q5) bassist Joel Wiseheart from Corona, CA USA. The eardrum eradicating euphoria of this band features Joel performing all roles: bassist, guitarist, keyboardist, vocalist, drummer, lyricist, songwriter and producer.

Joel has also created the label Crystal Crown Productions, to bring you releases from Annimax and any other genres to be released under a different moniker at a later date.

"I have had the honor and privilege of working in some awesome metal bands with great musicians over the years. And yet, none of the songs ever released by these bands were songs I wrote. So, I figured, 'If you want it done right, do it yourself.' I embarked on the ambitious project of Annimax so that I could get the songs out of my head and into a sound recording that I can share with you, all of my metalhead fans! "

"Hope you enjoy. Take care and rock hard!"

Annimax band pic

AnnimaX BIO...

Nightshade - Men Of Iron (© 2001)

One-Man Band and more...

Nightshade - Dead Of Night (©1997)
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Nightshade Mk II

Rick Pierce (g), Jonathan Scott K (v), Frankie Rongo (d), Joel Wiseheart (b)



Top row: Jonathan Scott K (v), Joel Wiseheart (b),

Frankie Rongo (d), Rick Pierce (g) live!

Joel Wiseheart was the bassist of Nightshade (ex-Q5) from 1994-2002, and appears on their second album "Men Of Iron", ©2001 release from Hellion Records in Germany.

He was also featured on the inlay of the U.S. release of "Dead Of Night", ©1997 from Delinquent Records (original release ©1991 from Music For Nations UK , Anthony Magnelli on bass).

Q5 was renamed Nightshade in 1990, with Jonathan Scott K and Rick Pierce as remaining members. Q5's critically acclaimed debut album "Steel The Light" is relatively famous because one of their founding members was the legendary Floyd Rose of locking tremolo fame.

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