If you haven't checked out Lady Red's Bath Of Blood show at Metal Devastation Radio https://metaldevastationradio.com, you're missing out on multiple plays of many Annimax songs amongst all the other metal! Head on over and wreck your necks!

07/06/2023 3:33 PM

Doc Rock's METAL SHOP 101 class has added Annimax to the curriculum! You can either visit his website at
to hear where his next show is, or check out some of his past shows on "Music From The 412" radio from Pittsburg, PA USA on Mixcloud by just searching for "Metal Shop 101" (Check at 1:54:51 for a broadcast of Annimax's heavy metal history lesson  "Demolition Night"):

Annimax Halloween 2023 interview! A full 56:48 of rambling on about all things Annimax on Metal Devatation Radio's show "Lady Red's Bath of Blood", hosted by Vicky Grandy... check it out here!

Special thanks to GreinZor on DesignCrowd / Insideflamer on Instagram for designing the album art! I provided a sketch of the concept, but he put his own artistic spin on it... the result was more eye-catching, and did a better job of capturing the "emotion of motion"! Go check out his other work!

Annimax - Asphalt Assault front cover

About Annimax

Note date change: Due to an unexpected physical distribution fallout at CD Baby, the release date of Annimax - Asphalt Assault has been changed from 6/2/2023 to 7/7/2023. Mark your calendar!

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10/25/2023 5:40 PM

Annimax is the new solo project from former Nightshade (ex-Q5) bassist Joel Wiseheart. The eardrum eradicating euphoria of this band features Joel performing all roles: bassist, guitarist, keyboardist, vocalist, drummer, lyricist, songwriter and producer.

Annimax logo (red)


05/25/2023 12:43 PM

New release

   "Asphalt Assault"

      released on

         July 7th, 2023!

Available now!